Flame in Montreal and Canada

He bailed for a small beach town in Mexico right after Trump got elected and I can’t say I blame him. He’s able to run the whole site from his laptop, so why not?

He’s actively recruiting people to teach courses these days. If you have an idea for one, drop him a line. I did a few into to Smoke classes for him and he was fantastic to work with.


I ll check. thx


I’ve been trialing a small subscription-based Flame training community called Logik Academy Pro at https://pro.logik.tv since Jan 1st. We have about 120 hours of existing Flame training from professors Josh Laurence, Andy Milkis, MB Emigh, Renée Tymn, Grant Kay, Christoph Zapletal, Finn Jäger, and myself, Randy McEntee.

I am in the middle of transitioning the platform to a much more robust front and back end, but, in the meantime, there’s still lots to look through. It’s more advanced than the Flame Learning channel stuff, but, our goal once we transition to the new platform in a few weeks is to offer an Intro Level Curriculum as well.

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thx for your post.
I ll save your link. I ll check when I learn the basics.

I went to Autodesk adress. At the reception, they said they dont have workstation and they dont know ‘‘Alan’’.

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Private studios aren’t charities and don’t owe you anything. Go sign up for fxphd.com. That will get you a license over their VPN and you can do tutorials on your computer at home. Either that or start applying for open runner/assist jobs if there are any at local studios.

I wouldn’t say he’s MIA. And fxphd has been posting new courses. Some of them on hip apps like Unreal Engine, which is appropriate. But there are two new intro courses for Nuke from a month ago.

There just hasn’t been much recent Flame content on fxphd.

Flame isn’t an easy app to learn, but neither are any of the big apps. There are some particular quirks about Flame that make it harder to learn some of the other apps, but it’s totally doable.

You can also check into the flex tokens for having a Flame license while learning. Not free, nor should it be, but more flexible in the early days while you build your muscle memory and get paying work that will justify the annual subscription.

Also - there are two fundamentally different approaches: if you’re looking for a staff job, there may be avenues where you can get an assist role and get trained on the job as has been described in this thread already. That of course is straight forward when you’re just starting out, but a bit of a setback if you do it mid-career become a multi-app artist, and may not work for everyone.

If you’re thinking more of a freelance role, getting trained is entirely on you, and will require an appropriate financial investment in terms of equipment, licenses, and time. Flame has become a lot more accessible to independent artists than it used to be.

Both models have pros and cons. But it is on you to decide which path to follow and take the appropriate steps. It seems you’re on your way in some regards, but have a few more things to sort out. This is a very helpful community here that will go a long way of assisting you along the journey (as this thread also shows). That said help is more plentiful the more you put in along the way and the quicker you give up on expecting short cuts. There aren’t any.