Flame in Montreal and Canada

Hi artists,

I have worked for more than 3 years as Nuke compositor for movies and TV shows in Montreal. Moreover, I would like to increase my knowledge in compositing with Flame.

Before that, I need to get information about the advertising industry that needs Flame artists, so I send you few questions that can help me.

What do you recommend to learn Flame when we are a Nuke compositor?

The licence is expensive. Do you think I may learn Flame in the company offices (such as Rodeo, Shed…) even if I don’t work for these compagnies? or other places?

What do you recommend to increase my network in the advertising industry?

Is the advertising industry often looking for Flames artists? or is it hard to find jobs/contracts in Montreal or Canada?


@DanMargules Are you in Montreal? Sorry for not knowing Canadia but I thought of you for this question.

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Give a knock on 10 Rue Duke… tell them Alan sent you. They’ll be happy to let you in and use a workstation.


i think the great Sam Edwards (@SamE) did a tutorial series on FXPhd, covering Flame for Nuke Artists.

you can find it here - FLM213


I’m based in Toronto, Canada.

I am old school in my train of thought, and still believe that the best way to learn flame is to be mentored by someone experienced. Often, this means starting out as an assist at a facility. The cost out of pocket is far too expensive to be using it just to learn. If/when you get a job, you get paid and get to learn at the same time.

Yes, Shed and Rodeo are great places for you to start out if you are in Montreal. I am sure there are some more options around there… although I am not familiar. You may want to get in touch with Autodesk and/or Cinesys (authorized seller) and ask them what local clients they service in Montreal to help you build on your list of companies to contact.

In my humble opinion…being a “flame” artist is a lot more than just being a capable compositor. You need to be a great communicator with your colleagues as well as clients, and know how to take charge. If you can harness this skill and are confident… you should be able to contact some of these places directly and have these conversations with them. Be honest, tell them what skills you already have and what you are looking for. Once you find your in/start… it will get easier from there.

Hard to answer this accurately. I know artists who get a LOT of calls, and some that don’t get enough. The work is out there, but the onus is on you to put you and your work out there. Do not be afraid to contact companies directly and find out.

Lastly, there are many resources if you think outside the box to finding companies that do this sort of thing. I’ll give you a big hint. Every Advertising industry hands out awards. When they do, the credits are often, if not always listed. You can get names of companies that way, google them… and the rest is up to you.

Good Luck on your journey

PS… if you choose to go the assistant route. Be prepared to earn a little le$$ starting out, unfortunately this is how it works. They will value your nuke experience… yet it may or may not tran$late to the Flame online world as much as you think.


Not much will translate when you’re learning the basics, but then once you work your way to doing the harder stuff a lot will.

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I am not referring to compositing skills when I speak translation from Nuke to Flame.
Also, I didn’t spell it Tran$late by accident, the $ is there for a purpose.

Of course your technical knowledge and experience will translate, just using different tools… but if you don’t know the tools, it’s very difficult to pick up coming from nuke and the same going the other way (totally do-able, but hard and usually need guidance).

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Great! I ll try this week. Thx! :slight_smile:

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Thx so much for your comments. It helps a lot!
Do writers/actors strike decrease the jobs/contracts for Flame artists?

I learned Nuke tutorials last month. I ll check again for Flame. thx!



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Don’t worry. They’ll know who you mean.


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Seriously, Cedric, you should discuss with the various VFX studios in Montréal who provide Flame services. Your Nuke experience will be taken into account for sure.

We sadly do not have resource in our Montréal office for training. But if you have a mac, you could start by downloading the free 30 day trial and visit the Flame Learning Channel on your tube to see the various capabilities.

Let us know!

I sent messages to studios in Montreal. One of them dont let artists work on their machine. I m waiting for feedback for another studio. I m not sure if he ll respond.

I have a mac and it s my plan to download 30 day trail and visit the Flame learning channel + logik tutorial. however, it wont be enough because it s too short to learn.

You could also look into joining fxphd.com as they have student flame licenses available over their vpn.


This is the way.

I’m kinda surprised FXphd is still going. John Montgomery has been MIA for many years now.