Flame Project Server - Local

Is anyone using the Flame Project Server locally? How has that been for you?

What do you mean by “locally”?

As in opposed to being in the cloud. That was the primary reason for introducing it but I am wondering how well it is working when installed on a locally hosted server.

Uh…sorry… I have no idea what you are talking about. Define Flame Project Server?


There is an installed for a project server in the new release. I just assumed that there would be nothing stopping you from installing one locally. Perhaps I am mistaken?! I thought I had even read through something which talked about how to install it on a headless system but I possibly misread.

Based on what @Alan has demonstrated in the past and what we know about the pains of media duplication and the benefits of single point of ingress, egress (and regress via archiving), not to mention the security benefits of snapshotting the whole server instance whether remote or local, it seems like it’s a no brainer.

When we move to 2023 it’s top of my list to deploy.

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@cnoellert You don’t need to wait to upgrade you actual workstations to 2023. You can set up a Project Server even if your actual Flame version is lower. S+W is backwards compatible.

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For sure, we’re just planning on switching it all over at once. Thanks man

Thanks Alan. I will definitely take a look.