Flame's 20th Birthday Party @ NAB 2012

A few pics from Flame’s 20th Birthday Party at NAB 2012, where they wheeled out the first Flame! To answer the obvious questions:

  1. Yes, I still have the t-shirt and yes it still fits.
  2. No, @TimC and I have not aged a day since.
  3. No, they didn’t power up the machine but I was told on good authority that it was set to horizontal reels and flame hotkeys.


ha! great pics

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So, where and when is the 30y party? :smiley:


Geez…Dave Waller. Takes me back to the Boston years. Strange cat…in a good way.

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Nice to see some respect for the older Flame branding but why, from 2012 to today, is Autodesk on their third logo design?

Apple and Adobe haven’t significantly changed their logos in decades, but ADSK doesn’t allow one design to live for more than seven years or so. What’s going on, insecurity??


Who cares…fix my bugs.


Every dollar that goes to a pointless rebrand / logo redesign is a dollar that’s not going to the R&D folks that are standing by to fix your bugs.


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Totally different department, budget, everything. Imagine the cost of that re-brand, amortized over the totality of the ADSK budget and revenues. So basically, that cost Montreal about 3 coffees.