Gig: Staff Senior Flame Artist - Flavor Chicago

Flavor, the mograph/design/VFX and finishing brand of Cutters Studios is looking for a can-do-it-all Senior Flame Artist. We are a collective of designers and visual artists who delight in experimentation and thrive on collaboration. With offices in NYC, Chicago, Kansas City, LA, Detroit, and Tokyo, we serve some of the world’s most innovative and well-known brands. Flavor’s work is primarily national advertising for major agencies and brands - from Super Bowl spots all the way to multi-aspect ratio digital content, seen by millions of people globally. Cutters Studios bought Flame license #3 in North America back in the day, and has been going strong with Flame ever since.

Our ideal candidate has at least 8 years Autodesk Flame experience. While a high level of proficiency in color grading is a requirement, experience with Lustre is a plus but not a must. Clean up, camera tracking, greenscreen compositing, and multiple aspect ratio finishing are all in a day’s work. Experience running supervised in-person sessions is required. (Due to Covid-19 supervised sessions are very limited, but we hope to return to a traditional type of interactive experience in some shape or form.) You should be equally comfortable compositing, color grading or finishing. Can you lead a job while balancing a few others, while lending a helping hand to the rest of the team? Then let’s talk!

We offer a team environment, where you will both lead projects and interact with senior-level creatives in a state-of-the-art studio model with the latest and greatest tools.

This position is located in Chicago, IL USA but can be remote until Fall 2021.

We offer full benefits including medical, dental, vision, and 401k.

Please send your contact information, resume, and reel to


Hey gang! Want to work with me and Flame shitpost all day? See above. I’m happy to answer any questions as I’m able, In July I’ll have been here for 19 years. It’s a great place to work.


We’re up for relo for the right candidate. If you think you’d be a good fit, I encourage you to apply

Also, sells us as a mostly mograph company, but the Flame team is 7-strong and does more this kind of stuff.

That is a whole-company reel, so if you comped a shot on there and not us it’s because we edited it, shot it, or mixed it. :slight_smile:

Considering burocracy is there any chance for a Brazilian that is really motivaded to leave Brazil?

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been there - done that :slight_smile: (I bought that third license )

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Hah! I debated name-dropping you and Danny.

Bump to the top. After some internal deliberation, we are probably being a bit too specific. If the job interests you but you’re not super-experienced at color , we’re willing to train the right candidate. If you’ve already reached out, thanks very much. If not, hit us up!!

Is that 401k the salary?

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Haha no. It’s an American retirement plan.