Hello guys,
My shader works in flame without generated XML
But when I wont to compile and create XML it warns ERROR: One or more attached shaders not successfully compiled.

The XML exists primarily for the UI, and for defining your inputs.

Are you on a Mac or on Linux? One ongoing problem is that the shader_builder on Mac does not display error messages. It just says ‘didn’t compile’ and then you have to find the error by reading the code and verifying everything yourself. Very tedious. If you can, write your shader on Linux, but test it on a Mac afterwards. Some things you can do on Linux don’t work on the Mac, as I found out the hard way.

Thanks allklier,
I wi’ll try it on linux.

Running shader_builder with -x should generate a generic .xml based on what uniforms it finds in the shader, and you can modify it from there as a place to start if you don’t want to write one from scratch. The API docs are helpful here also.