Gmask Tracer softness VS Old Gmask

Since Gmask is in action and in the tracer, many new options came with and it’s a fantastic tool.

I’m still using the old legacy Gmask in some Situations. Why?

It’s simple, just the way softness is managed. In the gmask Tracer Node, the softness Vertices are locked at their emitter point, you can adjust the curve and the blur of course but we can’t have the manipulation option that is super handy in the old gmask.



When in need to integrate a freeze still frame → Old gmask

I’m often doing beauty work and prefer old gmask softness. However, I have to use the tracer because it’s faster for many reasons.

My dream Roto node is to have the old Gmask Feather Option into the Gmask tracer with all current options, what do you think about it? @fredwarren I’m also wondering if there is any technical limitation?

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Plus it’s much, much quicker
We use silhouette for roto and AFAIK, you cannot output a gmask tracer node, yet.

I love tracer, but yeah the softness/gradient aspect is really lacking. Including all the weird pointy shapes, difficulty controlling the gradient shape precisely, then of course when the gradient points start dancing and revolving around for no apparent reason.

Region of Interest please. I always feel like Tracer is a math game trying to combine mattes correctly.

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This guy named Aaron showed me how to use a comp node to combine two mattes. It’s not exactly ROI, but it’s super useful.

You probably already know that winding up the blur in tracer helps get rid of those pointy bits.

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I know it’s not ideal, but if your roto team is only in Silhouette, they can use the Mocha node inside and save as projects which can be merged in the Mocha OFX and saved as GMTs. It’s a bit of hopscotch and you don’t get all the benefits of Silhouette, but the results come in named, parented to a track, and editable. Not great for the fine hair mattes Silhouette can make, but for many other kinds of shots, it’s nice to have all the splines. Especially for Sub (Holdback) mattes.

I’ve been doing this with a few roto teams that are Silhouette only and it’s been working out well.

Yeah. It’s a brute move though, and it’s global across the entire shape, not just the problem area…