$GUI Expression

Hey… before I go ahead with the question I just wanted ask you to bear with me if all these “Things one can do in Nuke” questions are starting to get annoying. I’m getting familiar with Flame and still figuring how to make a decision of choosing one tool over the other for any particular kind of job. So far I have found a few cases where I can tell my Nuke colleges… “Hey better to do that in Flame!”

And the questions is:
Is there a way to tell Batch to evaluate a tool only at render time? Like and expression that controls the “Bypass” button based on wether you are working in the gui of executing a render?

Adaptive degredation, and no.

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All good @milanesa so long as you don’t mind me flagging you for any Nuke question I might have :wink:

Yeah Adaptive Degradation is what you need to use.

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Cool cool. Awesome. Thanks!

@milanesa having Nuke knowledge friends is amazing. We’re better with you here.

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May not be the place, but happy to answer any questions.