Headed back to set? Don't forget your VFX Mask!



Anybody still willing to go on set these days? Or is it as scary as it seems?

I got an email about it, but I think it was on Friday and this thread just reminded me.

but no, I’m not going on set. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go politely decline a job.

I’ve been on set a couple times since the pandemic. One before COVID was full blown around Feb/March, and people were on-set joking about “Wuhan”, and another recently, about a month ago. The one a month ago was set up well. Entire crew required to take a rapid COVID test before stepping on set, masks and social distancing obviously required. COVID compliance officer on set at all times… Everyone was courteous and respectful of boundaries. It certainly felt like a path forward. At the country’s current clip however, ask me how I feel about it again in a month or so…

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