Installing python scripts

Hi, I did a fresh install and cleanup of all my old versions of Flame since the release of 2021.2

Can someone remind me how to install the python scripts please. I was expecting to see the “python install item” in the Flame menu but its not there. What turns that on?


There’s a list here:

It mentions the scripts are for Flame 2020.1 - 2021.1.
I’ve seen some issues with Flame 2021.2 (Batch write)
Hopefully Autodesk could advise users if there are any known issues with 2021.2.


You can put the scripts anywhere you want, you just need to point this environment variable to that location: DL_PYTHON_HOOK_PATH . in tcsh or csh If I remember it’s
setenv DL_PYTHON_HOOK_PATH path/to/python … in bash it’s
export DL_PYTHON_HOOK_PATH=path/to/python

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And the easiest way is to copy them into this path…


…and restart flame.

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Thanks but my knowledge of command line is limited and if I’m on a Mac do the same instructions apply?

Thanks for the info of where to get the scripts. Would be great if the standard Flame install could point us to it. Maybe the installer script should be part of the default install of Flame.

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What scripts are you referring to? Flame comes with some examples ~flame/python_examples. Other than that there are no scripts that come with Flame… as far as I know. There are some nice community ones here:

I’d like to see the installer script be part of the standard Flame install so that it’s easy for anyone to start adding scripts from pyflame. I actually forgot where the scrpts came from so a link to Matchbox and pyflame would be good.

I could be mistaken, but I believe that part of Flame is intentionally…umm…vague. It is people like @miles and @mikev and @lewis and the late Mark Doney that have the stuff and I think that thriving aspect of our community wouldn’t be so thrivey if Autodesk was at that particular helm.

That being said, I do feel there is an opportunity to organize the various platforms.
Mile’s shaders that he’s linked to here:

I’d be down for organizing and providing hosting for some kind of mega platform. I don’t necessarily see the Matchbox and Python tools as separate, really, I see them both natural extensions built for and by the community.

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The opportunity for this already exists, but I’m the one who has not put enough attention to it. In the Flame submenu (bottom right of the application) there is a “Add Custom Actions” entry that open a File Browser containing some scripts. Clicking on them will download the scripts to the proper location for you. Unfortunately, I have not taken the time to populate the repo. I could try to do it in the upcoming weeks.


@johnag Here’s a new script I just finished up that will allow you to get all the pyflame scripts along with scripts from other people. It also has a way to download all the latest logik matchboxes. And a section were people can share batch setups.

Just download the script and unzip it into /opt/Autodesk/shared/python then restart flame if its running.

A new Logik menu will appear in the bottom right Flame menu.



Outta sheer curiosity @MikeV are you using sockets to throw data from one running script to another? For a while I’ve been thinking it would be cool to essentially have a networked copy paste buffer so that you could copy a selected group of nodes and push them to a group clip board. Other artist could grab snippets to paste in. Feels like a nice client/server sockets implementation waiting to happen.

Hope you’re good man, been a while…

Hey @cnoellert! It has been a while. Been doing pretty good, u?

I haven’t messed around with sockets at all. Sounds like an interesting idea though!


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@MikeV forever and a lifetime ago when I wrote Digres (this Nuke workgroup tool with a Postgres database backend) I did a ton of the heavy lifting with sockets for the network connectivity. This shared clipboard thing was something I always wanted to write but never got around to doing it. In Nuke, you always have access to the copy buffer via tcl and python so it’s a pretty simple push over a socket to the server. I don’t know if the same functionality exists in Flame though. Maybe you could make a selection of nodes and execute on that selection. Obviously no longer my department :joy:

Anyway glad you’re good—as I understand it we might be talking very soon.

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Thank you. Works well!