Is there an easier way to change the duration/range of paint strokes in batch?

Hi peeps!!

I need some advice.

I have a paint node in batch with over 1000+ strokes, varying ranges, single frames, the entire sequence etc…

Production just came back to me and my shot has been extended at the head so I need to slip the whole node by a few frames, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this other than go in the the stroke editor and manually changed the frame numbers of each stroke. It feels like madness that this is the only way to do it. Its not only cumbersome but extremely inaccurate too.

I’ve tried using the track editor, but the track for the paint node is not visible. Am I missing something here? Should be a simple thing to do?

Any tips advice much appreciated.

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There is a python script that can help you with this.
paint node edit
You can install the Logik portal and have access to all of the amazing scripts this community has built or there is a Dropbox link on this page:


Thank you kind sir!

You are a savior!

Crazy that this cannot be done, the way we normal do.

If you need to slip the strokes you can:

  • create bfx
  • Offset the bfx clip
  • explode it
  • replace your paint node with the new bfx slipped paint node
  • profit!

:point_up_2: oh yeah. Slipping the paint strokes @AustinCampbell

This is the way.

That is ingenious! Did not think of that at all!

Not getting the shot extended is the best way :wink:

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@Jeff showed me this strat. Real life-savor!


Or If you update to 24.2.1 you don’t need the script anymore, it’s already in the paint node

Yeah I thought that was the case but I misread the OP and I don’t think you can slip the paint strokes can you @Jerem ? Just change the range of the strokes :thinking:

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Maybe I’m misunderstanding the question :sweat_smile:

With this version it’s possible to extend any stroke range / change from range to sequence or opposite. Possible on all selected strokes. Or Select all stroke and move the position with an offset. Also possible to use the animation editor from 0 to 1 and control how and when stroke appears.


If by slip you mean select all stroke and move in the animation tab there is a way
Go to Edit in paint node → Select all
Animation → Dope sheet button → Drag

But only on all stroke, i didn’t figure out how to do it on a few
I really found the paint update worth it, traking stroke inside is so usefull sometime

A couple of weeks ago I needed to do this and I thought it was possible with the 2024.whatever upgrade, but I couldn’t get it to work. I tried again last night after reading this initial post and I still couldn’t get it to work. I’ll try again.

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It seems like even with the 2024.2.1 update the dope sheet only shows the tracks for the animation in the actual strokes themselves, which happen over any duration of frames, if there is any.

This doesn’t necessarily sync up where with the frame the stroke is actually on. For example, my stroke is on fr19 for a single frame, but the animation for the start/end could from 20-24.

Slipping that track only slips the start/end of the animation for the stroke, but does not to slip the stroke itself. Example, stroke stays on frame 19, but the animation for the stroke is now from 30-34.

I hope I’m made sense, am I still doing something wrong?

It seems “the way” is still to make a BFX→Slip→Explode→Pipe into paint node again

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