Keyframing with Python

Hey everyone,

I’m relatively new to the Flame python API and I have a question that seems kind of silly but I can’t find anything about it in the official documentation.

Is there any way to set keyframes with Python in Flame? From the scripts I’ve poked around in it seems like the most common practice is using python to modify a saved out setup file for the animation you want to manipulate, but since the setup files are a bit intimidating I wanted to ask the hive mind if there was some sort of set_value()-esque function in the API that is frame-specific that I’m missing. after a little digging I am doubtful but figured I had to ask :sweat_smile:

Hello! I’m not sure if adding key frames is in the python API yet but what you might be able to do is set a hot key (keyboard shortcut) for “Set Key” and then activate that via python. I’m not in front of a machine right now but there is a python command to call a specific hit key. That could be a workaround.