Logik/LA User Group Invite Link!

Logik LA Invite v003

It’s the first LA Flame User Group in too long! Join us for a return to in-person user groups with presentations from:

Autodesk’s Frederic Warren and Jasmin Frenette
Nick Harauz from Boris FX
and AWS & Streambox

We’ll be giving away the following amazing prizes:
12-month licenses of Mocha and Sapphire, courtesy of Boris FX.
4 3-month packs of Spectra for Flame, courtesy of Streambox
2 $2500 credits from AWS
and some Logik Merch!

Food and drink will be provided by our sponsors.

When: Thursday, January 5, 2023 from 6-8pm

Where: Illuminate Hollywood Stages. 10900 Venutra Blvd in Studio City

Registration is required. You can sign up via this link.

Proudly sponsored by Autodesk, CineSys, Illuminate Hollywood, SimpleCloud, Streambox and Boris FX.


Totally! It was “group of visual effects artists having a party at a Hollywood sound stage while using Autodesk Flame” :smile:


This is what comes up from my same query. What’s creepy is I think that might be my jaw and neck from NAB a few years back. Subtle difference is that in this rendering, the jaw is not open with a margarita funnel.


LOL. I used Midjourney, but this…this is AI perfection!

Well this didn’t work very well. Although they did somehow reference One Frame of White…

I got these gems →

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Kinda reminds me of that last meetup at Wurstkuche when I used to drink a whole hell of lot

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Wow I added the cool words people put on their prompts.

group of visual effects artists having a party at a Hollywood sound stage while using Autodesk Flame, 3d render, high octane, vibrant lighting, 8k --v 4 --q 2

Looking forward to seeing everyone. Will probably be meeting most of you for the first time.


According to AI this get together is going to look amazing!!! HAHHA.

Very cool. Which tool did you use for this?

And could you tell us what these modifiers mean? Is there a glossary of sorts for this?

@GPM Midjourney is what I used. I do not know what those modifiers are or do. I just copied them from an image I thought looked nice.
Would guess they are value or variation and quality.
Here is the manual if you want to take a look.
(User Manual - Midjourney Documentation)

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Arrrrrrrrr you saying you never heard of pirate flame artists? :skull_and_crossbones: :black_flag: :laughing:

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Very much looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! (work’s gotta be mellow right after New Year’s, right? right?)


Haha. The top right one got the gui almost right, and with content looking like a flame. This is meta.