Logik Live #113: What's New in Silhouette and Mocha Pro 2023

Hey all! Just posting about this week’s Logik Live. It’s a good one!

This Sunday May 21st at 1pm (an hour earlier than usual) Ben Brownlee and Marco Paolini are going to show us what’s new in Silhouette and Mocha Pro 2023.

But the big news is the BIG giveaway:

1x annual subscription for Adobe/OFX plugin + Standalone for Mocha Pro (valued at $595)

1x annual subscription for Adobe / OFX plugin + standalone for Silhouette (valued at $795).

Be there or be square (and don’t forget to register). For big prizes like this you need to be present in order to win. Hope to see you there!



how do you register?

The #1 question I would have for Boris person, if please make the new grain thing into a stand alone OFX. Having to go thru Silhoutte is un-neccasry overhead.


Heya Ben- click on the link in my post up above there and fill out the form. You also should have gotten the typical Andy email with the subject " Sunday @ 2pm ET: What’s New in Mocha and Silhouette 2023" which takes you to the same place. Let me know if it’s still hazy.

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Oh and writing that just made me realize that the time is wrong on the email! It’s not 2pm, it’s 1pm! Keep that in mind!

but only if you’re in the US!

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