Logik Live Episode #24: Interview with Autodesk's Fred Warren

Logik Live is back this Sunday, and I’m welcoming back a favorite guest of mine: Autodesk’s own Frédéric Warren! As a formal member of the Flame Development Team, and an informal role as Python Sherpa for some of us :wink:, Fred brings a great perspective to the process of developing for our favorite VFX app. Fred will be answering your questions live, but if you can’t make it for 2pm this Sunday then post your questions for Fred here and I will make sure they are covered.

Plus, one lucky attendee will win a Logik Phone Charger, so be sure to sign up and tune in!

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Hey thanks @fredwarren! That was super interesting. It’s so easy to forget that there are actual humans creating the software that we sit in front of every day.

Thank you for all you do for us!

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