Logik Live this Sunday: Tom & Tom from Gunpowder.tech

This week my guests are Tom & Tom from Gunpowder.tech, our newest sponsor. These guys have tailored their own home-grown fully-fledged virtual VFX facility and are going to tell us all about it! After the show, they are going to host an exclusive Q&A session for our Patreon Patrons. If you’d like to support what we are doing at Logik.tv and get some great merch, discounts and exclusive content, visit Patreon.com/logiktv.

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@Gunpowder just curious if I have a dropbox flame folders can you sync these folders to the flame so that it would be automatic process to put all my, fonts, python, OFX, licenses settings etc to load in their respective folders? Basically an iCloud for flame stuff?
PS Love what you all are doing, think this is definitely the future and exciting to work even more out in the middle of nowhere with starlink, which has an even shorter milisec time lag.


Yep absolutely, we reaaaallly like using something like owncloud or nextcloud for this. Basically you install the app and select what you want to sync and it’ll handle the rest.

Think of it as evernote for files, anything you put in there will replicate across devices in the right locations.