Looking for experienced Flame freelancer in Asia time zones


I’m based in LA and am looking for a solid veteran Flame freelancer based in GMT about +5-8. This timezone difference works well so that as I’m wrapping my day and have shot needs, the freelancer is starting; then when I wake up I have the work.

I have another solid freelancer in that zone, and would like to have 1 to 2 more for when the load gets crazy.

Lots of fine beauty work, and I would train the artist on my beauty rigs. Plenty of cleanup work, green screen comps, etc. I’m looking for a solid self-starter who can work well while I’m offline.

Please feel free to email me at gpm@sauce.studio and my producer lily.ma@sauce.studio (not via Discourse DM.)




Hey GP

Yup I could help you out with this, I have a couple of Flames setup in Saigon, Vietnam, (GMT +7) and I already do exactly this for another company in LA.

I work almost 100% remotely, mostly with the UK, but also US, AUS and Asia. I do mostly TVCs, but also features and episodic. Whatever it is you need for your projects, we can deliver it. My studio setup can offer the highest quality work at v competitive rates.

You can find my VFX Reel and a number of other reels, and projects at:

Let me know if that works. (I’ll email you some numbers)



This is a general pitch BTW, if anyone else wants to get in touch, feel free!

Thanks Rufus. Please email all of this info to me and my producer.

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