Looking for remote job

Hello everyone,

I am a mid flame artist. I am looking for a job where I can work remote.
I am waiting for the support of you valuable flame artists. Can you tell me how I should follow?

Have a good day everyone.

Welcome Baracan,
Do you have a demo reel online? Can you describe your specialties or the kind of work you’d like to do?

Would also be helpful to know what region you are in, also what internet speeds you have available. Are you looking for remote in the sense of Teradici into a company, or you have your own Flame and will work with local media.

Thank you for feedback,

Some of the works I do are available on my account https://www.linkedin.com/in/barancan-boran-274205229. I also like to do 3d comp,keying,matte paint,clean up,roto

Thank you ALan,

I’m from Turkey. I live in Istanbul. I think the internet speed will be enough. Working remotely makes more sense to me.