Lucid link persistent mount

The official docs are pretty good and ‘sort of half work, mostly’ (my favorite description of failure).

LucidLink manual Linux systemd service

LucidLink systemd installation and management script for Linux

I’m band-aiding it for the moment while I test it and smiling at the April 1969 creation dates…

Does anyone have a foolproof method of adding a persistent mount (and possibly casting it in stone in ‘/etc/fstab’ - you know, just for something to do…)?

Before we switched over SSO via Okta for that stuff we had set it up with a persistent lucid user (and pass transmitted in plain text) in systemd. System boots, storage mounts. Mount point was defined the systemd setup.

Sadly it’s not possible using SSO—a user logs on and then has to log on to storage. It’s the one thing I don’t like about our particular setup.

Anyway, what’s not working for you? You’ll never get it in the fstab but all the tools are in place to make it work as though it were.

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Thanks Chris.
This is currently not an SSO operation, nor is there a unified Identity Management technology in place.
But it’s coming!
It’s all very exciting.

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I just meant if you’re not using SSO the mounts are persistent from boot to boot. That’s all.

Since SSO requires the stupid gui thing to validate that nest and tidy systemd config goes out the window.

…and by persistent I mean persistent until some malicious group of folks mount a DDoS attack on the MDC services which forces a global service outage which keeps you from mounting that shit at all.

That kind of persistent.