Match Grain is great

I’ve been able to play a little with match grain. I think it’s incredibly good.

What I found most interesting is that it has several outputs for the extracted grain. It can be used to comping the noise out. But Dispersion is only applied to the normalized output (maybe a good future request). I’ve managed to use this normalized output, apply some levels, taking as reference the other output and composing them by screen over denoised footage, I get an almost identical result. Thinking to export a sample for the rest of the team, and to get a reference grain plate, I exported to EXR 16 bits, (in prores 444 didn’t work). For my first test, they told me that it works great.

I don’t know if there are more people exploring this. I’m quite excited to be able to get a coherent grain management for a whole working team, and work quickly and without taking up my time.

Also, I’ve seen a bit of disappointment with 2025, So I would like to highlight it.


I love the new grain management. We can finally do proper comp !!!