ML's next step

I hope ML’s next step is to learn to identify cars. Any chance?


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Agreed! It’d be great to have.

You’ve seen the Autodesk Vision Series 2020 with Will Harris, right?

That’s right! I forgot that he showed off new ML features at that event.

I hope there will be a ML Timewarp.
There were some thoughts about that at IBC 2019.

The ML Speedwarp from resolve is doing some good stuff. Surely it will become better over time when it get’s more trained.

Don’t know, if there’s any feature request on feedback right know. If not, I will do it :slight_smile:


You can add your votes on Flame Feedback:




Voted. Thanks @fredwarren.

Same. Timewarps 6 days of the week and twice on Sunday.

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