Mograph question…mimic links and 3d paths

I’m trying to figure out if its possible to connect the start and end points of a 3d Path to the start and end axis in a mimic linked chain of axes.

Is it possible to extract the world coordinates for an axis when its concatenated along such a link? All i can see is the axis showing exactly the same location info as all the other mimic linked axes.

And if thats not possible, is there a way to distribute all those axes evenly along a single 3d Path?

Thanks in advance

I don’t know if this is beating a dead horse but there seems to be an internal structure that can give you the world position of an axis, even if said axis is down in a hierarchy of other axes, and even if the hierarchy is running on a 3D path.

It’s not possible to extract the position but it seems when you displace a surface and set the Direction of the displacement to a camera that’s way down the hierarchy, the convergence point of the displacement is that specific point in world space we’re looking for.