MotionVectors Warp / Hold / Freeze workflow

Does someone knows how to use the different reference frame settings with motionvectors.
I read on facebook a workflow which I’m trying but couldn’t get it to work.

I try to clean up a shirt and a hand is passing through in the middle of the shot.
So I want to exclude the hand from the MV.
The steps I’m taking now are:

  1. Cache Motion Vectors
  2. paint a clean frame on frame1 and freeze it with a mux.
  3. attach motionvectors in action to the clean frame
  4. Under Tracking press Add on the 1st frame to add a Reference frame.
  5. Just before the hand is moving into frame I add a new reference frame and set it to Freeze
  6. Now I add another Freeze reference frame after the hand just passed.
    So far so good, now I can hand animate this part with bicubics
    But how to pick up the motion vectors again after the hand moves?
  7. Add a Warp reference frame at the next frame. This makes sense right?
    But now after adding this last Reference frame. It also adjust the interpolation between the first warp ref frame and freeze frames. Which doesn’t make sense to me. Do I miss a step, or is this a bug? Or do you have another workflow?

Hi Peter,

I have not tried your method before but I showed a method in this video which allows you to exclude unwanted motion as part of your motion vectors.

It may prevent distortion when the hand moves across.

I would also still use multiple reference frames to help the clean plate undistort at certain points within the shot.

Hope this helps


Hi Grant,

Thanks for your reply. Yes I’m well aware of your method.
I recently watched it and used it with great succes. :smiley:

But now I was trying to figure out those other settings. When and how to use them.