Moving or Copying Files and Folders in the MediaHub

I’ve been playing with a few fairly simple scripts to move and copy files and/or folders from the MediaHub, so I thought I would share them here. They’re not ready for the LogikPortal because I need to learn how @MikeV makes his xml config files so it’s easier to customize without looking at code. For now, I tell you what lines to change in the description at the top of each file.

If you select a file or folder and use one of these two scripts below, a finder window will open asking where to move or copy files. (4.3 KB) (4.2 KB)

I usually get a render and an old school setup from other artists. If you select a render (it has to be a .mov file) and use this script, it will move the render into the right shot/render/version subfolder, and if the batch setup has the same name as the render, it’ll move that into the right shot/setups subfolder. This really helps when you get 50 renders and setups that you need to file with the job. (5.1 KB)

This last one is for 2022.2 and above so you can show all files in the mediaHub and see a .batch file. It does the same as the script above, but only works on .batch files. (4.0 KB)

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Hey John

Not sure if you saw that I dropped a script template I use when starting a new script here:

There’s a config function in it that handles creating a default config file with values you can set if one doesn’t already exist. Like the first time the script is run. It then reads the config file.

Then in the main window section there’s a save_config function that gets run when the save button is clicked.

It’s pretty much just those two pieces. I left some comments in the script template that should hopefully help explain whats happening a little better at each step.


No way! This is amazing! I’ll check it out next week. Thank you!