No, AI will not replace roto for us

Staying with our BorisFX friends. Yes, I know catchy subject line to catch your attention. But this is one is definitely worth the watch:

BorisFX livestream Roto Masterclass.

A few call-outs worth watching:
Discussion on roto future & AI: 35m21s
Discussion on why bezier is not best choice: 1h02m06
Discussion on roto of moving objects and why we all do it wrong: 1h37m16s

Both Carlos & Marco make interesting points why AI is not solving our roto needs anytime soon
And the third section above - you (me included) may have roto’ed motion blurred shapes wrong all along. Forget feather. There’s a better solution.


All I want is automated roto and perfect automated spill suppression with perfect semi-transparent edges. And what I get is images of frogs with 19 toes drinking tea on the moon.