NYC Planned Presentation

We had some technical difficulties last night and only @andymilkis , @bryanb and I could see the contextual windows and my scripts, so I thought I post it here.

The video is 12 min, but here are the highlights.

New scripts:

Scale Compensator:

Copy To and Copy From:

Updated Scripts:

Batch Renamer (Preview window):

Renamer UI (Preview window):

Fix Premiere XMLS:

These are uploading to the Logik Portal and should be there soon.


Thank you John!!!

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Thanks for this, and for your presentation last night.

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WOW this is fantastic! Great work!!


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Awesome @john-geehreng watched the video, thanks!

Not sure if I’m looking for the wrong name etc. but using the Logik Portal I can’t seem to find the Scale Compensator.

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Take a look now


Got it, thanks again!