On Set Sups

Hey Guys,

Happy New Year!
I’m looking for some on set sups for Chicago ideally someone local with episodic experience.

Message me any reccos that you got.


What’s going on in Chicago in the episodic world? I saw yesterday that Powerhouse is working there too.

It’s a small smattering. I’d do it but COVID. PMing you.

Tax incentives, existing episodic infrasturcture from all the Chicago Fire/PD/Med/Empire/etc, and hospitals that aren’t at capactiy would be my guess. Howard Lin straight up ignored my question on where Powerhouse’s office is on FB, so if anyone knows, LMK!

I would guess powerhouse is inside the frame store office

I forgot all about Framestore buying Method/CO3 last year. That makes sense. Thanks, Greg.

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