Particle colour

I want to generate some multi coloured particles.

I have a light (cone) generating spheres and I want them to be different colours so I am piping in a changing gradient colour as a diffuse map to the generator. What I would like is for the birth of the particle to keep its colour the same and subsequent particles to change. What is happening is that all particles change colour at the same time as the gradient changes.

Suggestions please?

Some per particle color functions examples here:


Isn’t that what @Sinan does in this tutorial?

This is very useful thanks.

But I want to see if I can get the particles to get there colour from an image source. Like if I attach an emitter to an image it will emit particles of that image colour and change as that image changes. The particles that have already been emitted don’t change colour though.

His tutorial ?

Ha!… sorry forgot to paste


Brilliant. Thanks. Will binge now :+1:

I think it is how I am generating the particles.

If I use an image to generate the particle then the colour comes from where on that image the particle is emitted. If that colour changes the particle colour is changed only when it is emitted.

If I use a light to emit and I feed it a diffuse map then the particle colour will change but it will continue to change even after it has been emitted.

I think this video demo will help explain:

Top left is the image I am using. I am swinging the hue all the way around.

The Particle Generator that is coming from the image can be seen top right and when a flesh colour particle is emitted it stays that colour even when the flesh tones are changed.

The Particle Generator that is coming from my light (cone) is at the bottom and you can see that the colour of the particles changes as the image changes. Even after they have been emitted.

I am guessing that this is expected behaviour and I just need to not use a light to emit for this situation.

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Here are some suggestions:

  1. You can use an extended bicubic and make it into a parachute shape, scale it down and use it like a light as the particle generator. The handles of the extbicubic will adjust the cone shape.

This will allow you to have particles that have the color from the image of the generator. Unlike the particles having the same color all over, they will be like pixels of the image.

  1. You can play around with the color parameter and introduce per particle color variance when they are generated.

  2. You can use the color functions @milanesa linked to and change the colour of your particles over time.

Let me know if these help. Or if you have a specific effect you’re looking for.


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Thanks @Sinan

I have been playing with option 1. since watching your videos. Most helpful.

I’ll let you know how I go :slight_smile: