PhysicalDefocus Matchbox

Hey brain,
Anyone know the status of the PhysicalDefocus Matchbox?
Since it’s release it’s been broken, at least on my systems.
Running on Mac, the whole image gets defocused and some parts gets shifted 1-2 pixels. Even if buffer is pure black or white, the output will always be a little blurred and shifted.

It’s been mentioned here before. Search for Physical Defocus and you’ll see a bunch of threads stating the softnening.

I gave up on it pretty fast. There isn’t a ton of history of nodes being improved over time (shout out to the distort node and text node).

I feel like it’s in a, “nobody uses it so why improve it?” loop, which is a shame.

I guess nobody use it, coz… It’s unusable, it just destroys your image, LOL
A mystery how it can even be released…
Am so tired of the Depth of Field node, with no way of changing the kernel…
Come on Autodesk, this is 2023, and Flame still can’t do proper DoF.


Agreed 100%.

I agree 100% too