Python scripts- İmport camera and stmaps issue

Hi Guys, I have alembic camera and stmaps provided by nuke.
I do exactly as in the video. Logik Academy - The Logik Portal - YouTube
I choose Stmaps and nothing happens. Should I update my Python scripts ? Because I use an Alembic camera ? I also can’t choose the camera. Or is there a problem with stmaps?

I don’t know exactly where I’m doing wrong.

I need to work und-redistort with my footage.

I also used the matcbox Ls_UVewa. it works, for und-redistort. I think I’m having a filtering problem.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Is there any way you can screen record what you are doing? That’d make it much, much easier for us to help.

I can’t speak to the python stuff, but probably don’t want to use Ls_UVewa for the distortion workflow. It’s EWA filtering so it’s giving you more of a filtering kick than necessary. I use the matchbox that ships with flame, UV32 I think it’s called. And make sure the ST maps are 32-bit.


Are you getting any errors in the shell when you try to use the script? What version of Flame and the script are you using?


thank you @randy I’m not on the computer right now, but I’ll be recording as soon as possible.

I’m not getting any errors or warnings. I use other scripts. Thats great and very useful.

Flame version 2022.0.0


UVwarp32 I used that.
There is still a filtering issue. I see little pixels and lines. Stmaps 16 Bit. I’m using resize for 32-bit. I’ll get Stmaps from nuke in 32-bit. Maybe this can solve the pixel problem. I will try it

Thank you

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Yeah 16bit Stmaps is not good enough. Start with 32.


I have 32 bit Stmaps now. But I used UV32 and it still has pixel and lines. Instead, I used stmaps as a Uv map in action. It works better that way.