Remote login to Linux via Mac - Keyboard setup

working remotely - from a Mac, logged into a Linux box via PCoIPClient. I use Smoke Classic keyboard shortcuts. Tried all combinations of physical keyboards (Mac/PC), and Keyboards in Flame - 104-PC, and 109-Mac.

I cannot seem to get F13,14,15 keys to do my viewing mode toggles. Oddly, F14 always brings me to View Secondary, but F13 and F15 don’t work. (I can hear the “Print Screen” sound when I hit F13, so I know it recognizes it as a keystroke.)

Yes, I have the “Use F keys as Standard” in the Mac prefs box checked. F1 thru F12 work fine.

Anyone cracked this code?

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Yes…which version of the Linux Desktop? KDE? Gnome?

If you are new to Linux, does it look like this…

or this?

definitely the 2nd screen shot

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Okay, so, you don’t have a keyboard setup problem, you have Linux-has-its-own-keyboard-shortcuts-that-need-to-be-turned-off-for-Flame-to-take-control-of-them problem.

Oh gawd…its been YEARS since I’ve touched Gnome…umm… basically, those hotkeys are being taken over by the OS. Once you tell the OS to not use them, you get the back in Flame. They are somewhere in Settings / Devices / Keyboard…Im sitting in front of a computer right now, so, if you want to text me and either FaceTime or TeamViewer I can help.

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