Roto Facility outside India?

Hi Guys - We have a big job coming up and we use CG Labs in India for Roto. They have assured us they are up and running but my producer is worried about the Covid situation there. He wants a backup roto facility, not in India, in case anything falls through.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I’d contact The Hotspring. They are an all in one new platform that handles triple bidding on your behalf and puts together Roto and paint teams for you.

Nice site, but it seems they are just another middleman looking to make a cut on the upcharge.


Thanks Randy

I can recommend yannix (Thailand)

Thanks Finn

Now, I’ve never followed up with my first contact in email. But my Hotsping experience was less than stellar. I emailed and got a response. Then was told to work thru this portal. Well, I was under the gun and trying to watch the video and had to try and figure out the portal, was just miserable, not enjoyable at all. I put my bid up. But never got a response back.

I found it quicker to talk to people via email.

And that was my hot spring experience, other users experienced may vary.

I’m also willing to follow up and see what went wrong.

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let me know, we are operating…