Screen Comp Issues

I’ve got TV screen comp that’s proving a bit tricky. Its a tracking shot with a few focal shifts. An actress walks in front of the screen and stands in front of it for roughly half the shot. The screen is on but it’s not a chroma colour but a very slight hint of blue. And there’s a flicker throughout which seems to be amplified as the actress first walks in. So I’m trying the additive key method to get the hair detail with various additional keys with shrink applied to fill in the main body. I’ve used Y Flicker to smooth out an initial de flicker pass. It’s better but not prefect. Every video I’ve come across for additive key methods seem to start with a chroma screen and a relatively stable screen in terms of flicker. So I’m just asking on the off chance someone has had a similar issue and might have a trick or two up their sleeve? Thanks