Spill Supression Tip of the Day (Mar 10, 2022)

When you use the Master Keyer to do a spill suppress, set the front out to “Front CC” and then, and this is the trick, adjust the hue of the spill color to remove that ghastly colored fringe.

I can’t say it works with every shot, but I’ve done a bunch and it’s been bacon-saving repeatedly.


Also the luma value can do wonders here.


Also, before you do the hue (and I saw this on a video by someone else and cannot remember who, sorry), if for instance it’s a green screen, in the colour picker, take the red and blue down to 0 so ONLY the green is being affected. Red and green if it’s a blue screen.
If that makes sense?
You probably know this already, ignore if so, ha.


I think I recall John Montgomery changing the colour suppress to 100% green or blue (depending on chroma) by using the colour picker’s palette. It works spot on. Good tip Mr Connor!

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Great tip @andy_dill I love the MasterKeyer FrontCC

But I couldn’t read this without linking to this wonderful bit of colour channel gymnastics @randy shared.

When MasterKeyer colour suppression lets you down.