ST Maps Overscanning

When using ST Maps to undistort, how can pixel info be preserved once the redistort is applied? They get pushed past the perimeter edge on undistort. Need to overscan somehow. Tried using Ls_UVewa & Action. No joy.

So action overscan didn’t work in the render node prefs?

What’s generating the ST Maps? Are you bringing them in as 32fp and using the UVWarp32 matchbox to handle the distortion?

In Action the UV distorts the image past the edges of the surface perimeter. it doesnt compensate and increase the size of the surface.

Coming as part of a matchmove package UD Distort ST maps etc.
32bit yes.
UVWarp32 has no overscan functionality as far as I can tell.

This is how I do my undistort redistort.

Might not be mathematically perfect etc but works for me


It doesn’t AFAIK, but the undistort ST map should be large enough to accomodate the overscan. It’ll be bigger than your plate…at least it is with ST maps from PFTrack. Maybe it’s a data window thing in the preprocessing tab of the ST map?

Ah, that makes sense. No, theyre the same res as the plate. Thanks!

I’ll check that our, thx