Studio build - websites for inspiration/guidance?

anyone know of any good websites showing studio builds (both post-production rooms and filming spaces), and any sites offfering up advice and guidance?

I’m fine with putting the edit suites together, but having the chance to build a film studio is a new challenge for me and i want to get it right first time!

Talk to @marcwellington . He’s in the middle of renovating his space and could probably throw some pointers your way.

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I’m in the middle of remodeling my home studio, and one thing you should definitely look into is acoustic absorption treatment. Fabric walls w/ rigid acoustic treatment panels underneath, Acoustic absorption panels, etc, etc… Some can also double as a pin-board thru the fabric.

They’ll make a room sound really good.


Here are some good resources if you want to nerd out:

My Home Studio for Flame is also serving as my recording studio as well, so the design considerations def. get interesting, esp for color neutrality, monitor viewing, etc etc. From the audio perspective, a lot of this could very well be overkill for your purposes, but even a little treatment will go a long way…

Acoustic Room Mode Calulator (and audio player)
Enter the dimensions of your room & it will play the frequencies and show you where the resonance and room modes are located in a given space. With a little 3d room that you can manipulate. So cool.


Good call Eric…acoustics will be an important consideration in this project. I have a 12m sq by 5m high area with an annex of the side of the 1970’s industrial complex that we’re renovating. I want to build my 2 edit suites and machine room on a mezzanine, with a kit store below alongside a greenroom and a workshop. I figure i can end up with a 9x12m studio space and we’re looking at lighting rig above and possibly a raised stage area with permanent lifestyle set in one corner. As the rest of the company is product distribution we’re as far from the hustle and bustle as possible, but as its a blank canvas i’m speccing it up as well as possible…not oftem you get the chance to build a studio from scratch!

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When you’re building the edit rooms out, just know that “soundproofing” (not hearing your neighbor’s music) is done by decoupling space and with added mass (multiple layers of drywall, resilient channels, mass loaded vinyl, heavier construction w/ air gaps between walls, etc…) Whereas, acoustic treatment (how things sound inside the room) will be accomplished by treatment panels, porous absorbers, etc…

Sounds like an exciting project!

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Here is where I get a lot of the things I use.


I could get super detailed on best practices, but need more specifics on rooms and such. Budget plays a big part on how far you can go.

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One thing I would highly suggest also: stay away from all foam-based products. Two main reasons: They are generally regarded by the audio community to be worthless in terms of broadband absorption performance and price → performance value. Secondly (and speaking from experience), foam has a finite shelf-life before it begins to disintegrate and crumble, leaving tiny particles of petroleum product in your gear (and likely your lungs). No bueno.


Wse words…i was planning on rockwool all the way! Foam always seems pretty useless to me…and i’d forgotten about the disintegration too.

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During my hunt for ideas and inspiration, i came across syrplabs…who have some really useful videos and pdfs…especially if you want plans to build a cyclorama or acoustic panels

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