Synology is coming on Logik Live 9/24. What would you like to see?

Hi friends,

Synology is coming on Logik Live on 9/24 to talk all things storage, workflow and backup. I’m going to show off my setup for workflow, data management, backup and disaster recovery, but everyone’s use case is a little different. What would you like to see? What questions do you have? Put them here in this thread.



Thanks for doing this Andy.

Simple stuff:
• how to properly set it up for mac/linux
• raid setup and options
• performance tuning

Complicated stuff:
• setting it up as a local framestore
• as a shared mount point over internet


Nice. Looking forward to it! Is there a cloud mirroring option?


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Cool topic. Wondering if there are some not so obvious and more hidden bottlenecks they know of, that they often need to deal with as we don’t know them.


Maybe just repeating what you’re going over – But I am curious about usage with regards to collaborative shot workflows. (e.g. publishing shots and updating openclips.)

Maybe I’m confusing Synology with LucidLink?

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Would love for them to address why SMB has been so challenging to use in more recent MacOS releases, and what can be done to alleviate it.

Maybe for those using Flame on Linux, the trade-off between using SMB vs. NFS to mount volumes, and managing the user mapping between systems.

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I have had no issues with smb on latest macOS using synology?

It’s better now, but still have occasional issues with permissions and caching. OS Monterey though (not Venture) and up to date but older version of the Synology OS.

I’d like to see how to keep a local directly automatically in sync with a directory on the Synology.


synology drive and boom, works fine


i never do have sisues and i run 6 machines mixed macos with everything from ventura to the last 2 versions before

@allklier Ventura addressed some smb issues

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