The Mentos Challenge

With every project I work on, I always ask myself…does Mentos make it better?

Now you go. Download the mentos.mp3 here:


Crazy, isn’t it? Now you go.

I remember when they were working on that, and the word was they were gonna have the ape actually blow its own head off. It was a Peta ad, so that seemed possible. Maximum shock and all that. I wrote a strongly worded email about how gross, unnecessary, and counterproductive depicting ape suicide would be and got back a nice response that amounted to “we’ll look into it”

While I’m fairly sure the cut to black was always the plan (for simulation reasons as much as anything), there was also that doom-soaked feeling of, “you can’t do anything about this because it’s going to look great on the reel.”

I was working on a whiskey commercial featuring the late Bruce Lee at the time.

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