Type on random text

Hello all…

I’m wandering if anyone has managed to do this random type on text effect within flame?

I did it for a project years ago and had to use after effects. Would love to be able to avoid it this time, and not even sure I have access to AE at work anymore.


Yuuup. Considering you can “rent” AE for $30/month, it’s definitely the way to go for all type shenanigans.

I was using it last week to alter some title cards. I’m so bad at it I must look like a sloth to an actual AE user. Still better than Flame for type.

Yeah I just fired up AE and did it in a few minutes. It was the obvious solution wasn’t it!.

Cheers all.

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just another $0.05
Write small python script to use start string as a template and generate random characters using template