Uncaching Batch iterations

Is there a way to uncache media inside of batch iterations? So i have older setups with previous cg renders that i cached, but now i want to uncache them. For some reason right click on them in the workspace view doesnt give me the option on media. has anyone figured out a way to do this?

You need to go into the timelines inside batch for those shots. You should be able to right click on their TL segments and do flush cached media there.

for me, i cant right click on the timeline segments either. In the file management i can right click, but under media only Test Disks is shown strangely.

Are you Protect from Editing?


weirdly i cant even open that earlier batch, ( i can remove the cache then) but when i save it as an iteration on top of itself it wont stick, it wont clear the cache. frustrating