What do you want to see on Logik Live? (February 25th)

I’m scheduled to present the next Logik Live in a few weeks. What do you want to talk about?

Here are some options:

  • Building animation rigs such as: creating a turn table of rotating products. Lots of expressions and tricks.
  • Matchboxes you might not know about. (aka what is ‘ash’?)
  • Photoshop as your Text OFX (same as my NY User Group presentation)
  • Python - Tiny scripts to automate your life.
  • Give me a homework assignment and I’ll report back.

I’ll retain veto power over that last one. Let me know what you think.


Could you put these in a poll @bryanb

  • Animation rig
  • Matchboxes
  • Text tool
  • Python
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Thanks Sinan. I was also hoping for some discussion so everyone vote but also tell me what else you might want to see.

I’d love to see some implementation of obscure matcboxes I never use :hugs:


I missed your NY User Group (for obvious reasons). Was it recorded and is it online somewhere? I must have missed it.

No recording of the NY UG but I have posted here with an explainer.

Agreed, there is a wealth of goodness in the Logik matchboxes, but some are not well known, or it’s not clear how to use them. Sometimes you have to read the code to decipher them. Some have Vimeo samples, but not all the links work anymore.

To the extent that we could get some working examples, that would be super helpful. Would be willing to pitch in if the prep becomes too much otherwise.

Maybe a 2-step process, in making a short list of good candidates and then setup a poll of which ones we should cover, as it could be too many otherwise.

+1, there are some without any hints in the naming what they do and how helpful they are (like lumps for frequency seperation). I bet there are even more most of us don’t know of.

In my Flame Techniques mind map I did make a structured list a while ago, going through the entire collection. Mostly ones I was interested in, but this could be expanded…

which btw is part of a bigger mind map that also covers notes on techniques with links going back to learning channel and other videos. Could be come a community edited wiki maybe to make it easier to find some of this stuff we may have heard once, but don’t remember…

(most of this map is collapsed in this screenshot, there’s more detail in it, it’s a live mindmap)…


You never cease to amaze me @allklier


Well, this is just me organizing all the things I’ve learned from all you guys in the forum in the last two years, so I can do them justice. I’m very much the apprentice here…

Dang Jan - you should do the Matchbox Logik Live.

I’m too much of a lazy bum to tune in on Sundays, but Ash is a fantastic matchbox that winds up on just about every shot I color. The world should know more about the good works of our Lord and Savior, Lewis Saunders!


Just checked out Ash, really useful tool, which I did not know about!


I’ll give this poll another day or two but I think we’ll be talking about Matchboxes and Tiny Python Scripts.