What's good solution/software for project time tracking and client invoicing for freelancers?

Since I’m heading down the freelance route and I wondering what other independent artists out there use for project time tracking and invoicing?

I could always build some spreadsheets, but when things get fast and furious, those can get clunky.

I use and like FreshBooks, and clients seem to accept it, since they look at the invoices it generates and then pay me mostly on time. It has almost every feature I could imagine and is pretty lightweight and not terribly expensive.

For more granular time tracking, I use an app called Tyme, which allows me to basically import a shot list and then run a timer to see how my estimates square with reality (mostly pretty well!) There are, however, about a million apps that do this exact thing.

People also like Quickbooks, I hear. I find Intuit’s communications aggravating and their pricing tiers confusing and somewhat usury.

Good luck!

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We use a software called “Paydirt”

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Paydirt looks pretty awesome. Will give it a spin and see how it goes. Thank you!

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I’m using Zoho :slight_smile:

I use Wave and it’s free. It can turn estimates into invoices very easily. It can also be linked to your bank for those clients that want to pay by credit card.

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For just Time Tracking I’ve been using the free version of toggl track for the last three months and so far I am pretty happy. What’s neat is the option to record what software and on which file you’re actually working on, so you can actually track back. Obviously this is one feature that doesn’t work with flame, but it records the time you actively use flame, so this might all be useful.