Work opportunities in flame

Hi everyone in my network,

I’m looking for a position on flame

If anyone is aware of anything anywhere
Please do let me know.

I’ve attached my resume as well

resume.pdf (106.1 KB)

Thanks in advance
Have a great day ahead

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Unsolicited suggestion: It might be beneficial to remove the older entries from the resume’s professional experience section and keep it in the last decade or 2 as well as focus more on showcasing Flame experience if that is the end goal in this search.

Good luck with the search!

Thanks @motoronlysync

I need to rework my resume.

Do you mean to say club the companies I worked for say from 1995 to maybe 2022 in a group and remove the exact dates and increase the positive attributes to cover more flame expertise?

Also be clear on geographic preference and availability. If remote, specify timezone and connectivity. This is a global community.

Leading with LinkedIn (online learning) of Resolve 16 may not be the best lead-in when you’re looking for a Sr. Flame Artist position. Keep it focused on what’s most relevant to hiring party. You can mention additional skills at the bottom as FYI.

Thanks @allklier
Valuable advice
I’ve not worked on my resume for some time
I’ve been too caught up.
I’ll rework it most definitely

I have had a lot of positions in my time, but choose to limit the experience and data to the ones applicable to the gig I am applying for, then with a smaller list, you can add more details and accomplishments to paint the picture. Anything with 19XX probably can be scrubbed and replaced. I haven’t looked for work in over a decade, so I may not be the best source here. But unless something has shifted dramatically, getting work in this biz is who you know, not what’s on your resume that gets you in the door.

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Thanks @motoronlysync

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