Would you like to participate in Flame's development?

Hi Fred, I’m interested as you are in developing Flame. Great idea!!

However, in my case, it makes more sense if I were to answer your questions in an email or anything similar than instead going through the hassle of finding time for an online meeting since I’m short on time (and you probably are too). Perhaps an online questionnaire would be helpful. What you think?

Hi Fred,
I work more in higher education, as you know, but if you want any help from my perspective/s, I would be more than happy to chime in.


Happy to sign up to this, with using Flame in a film environment as my priority.

Happy to participate Fred! elad@the-artery.com

Hey Fred!
I’ll be glad to join as well.
I’m working from home on a Centos box


Me too lucjobflame@gmail.com

I would love to have a conversation about expressions.


If im worthy then i’d love to be imvolved.


Always happy to help and be involved.