Announcing our First REVERSE User Group!


Announcing our First Reverse Flame User Group

At a typical Flame User Group meeting, the Devs from Autodesk present new features to users. Well, we are going to try something different - A “Reverse” User Group, where the Users present feature and workflow ideas to Fred and Stephane!

Do you have an idea for a feature you’d like to see in Flame, a workflow challenge or bug you’d like to see addressed, or just a better way to accomplish a task? Or is there something that you’re proud of that you’d like to share with the Dev Team? If so, then please consider submitting a video for the Reverse User Group!

Here’s an example of what a video submission should look like:

Some guidelines:

  • User submissions should be screen recordings that are 2-3 minutes in length.
  • Please add narration and/or subtitles to help make things clear. If you are not proficient in English then please email me at
  • Please focus on singular issues, with clear end goal or replication steps. If there is something that is footage or Batch Group specific please also include an Archive.
  • The ideal submission would be small/medium, aka “annoying” things that you deal with multiple times a day. Try to avoid “tentpole” issues like Motion Vectors, Text, Particles, keeping all the metadata of a clip, etc. While those are all important issues the Dev Team is well aware of them
  • Based on the number of video submissions we may have to select which ones make the Logik Live show on Dec 10th, but all of the submissions will be reviewed.
  • Submission deadline is November 27th!

Upload submissions to Be sure to put a description of your submission in the message field! (see below)

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 11.19.21

Huge thank you to @ALan for suggesting the idea and helping with the logistics :fire:


This is going to be great. It is the opportunity to get your ideas straight to the devs. I think we are going to do a live Q&A with everyone after on Patreon session afterwards. @andymilkis ??


Oh, absolutely.

Done and Sent!


What a great idea! Looking forward to this event!!!

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Brilliant. Submitted

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This is such a great idea. It turns out I had a lot of them. Ended up sending four separate videos…



@Sinan these are great. THANK YOU!

Submitted another one

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I can’t really make a video since its in a program that I don’t own but its something like this for after effects, gather all media in a project or a comp or a batch, so that when I am working soft imported and don’t want to archive cache my media I am sure I have all my media in one place. see this AE video as an example


isn’t there a cache on archive function in the archive module?

Hi, have you looked int this script?

Was a good start but i think it still needs to find a way to collect the clips within BFX.
Anyway… i agree with you that there should be a way “copy” or transcode clips in the conform tab (like resolve or premiere do). I’ll try to make a video about it and explain when this could be useful.

I don’t want to archive since it does it uncompressed and therefore explodes the file sizes, I would also argue cache clips should just go away all together since it’s from an old storage era that doesn’t really need to be used and honestly makes sharing more complicated

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That would be great I think the AE way is pretty good , be able to collect clips in the library, batch or batchfx or just select a few clips and say collect would be ideal

Hi All. There are about 10 days left to submit a video for the Reverse User Group. I wanted to share with everyone the entries we’ve received so far.

You’ll see in the playlist that the shortest entry is just 31 seconds long. These are so simple to do! If there’s a feature or workflow improvement you’d like to see in Flame please make a video and upload it to Be sure to put a description of your submission in the message field! (see below)




Sadly, it’s a limitation of the current API, There’s not way to get the contents of a BFX and get it’s cached status.