10% off of Intuos Pro!

@andymilkis and I are proud to announce that Wacom is offering all U.S. based Logik members 10% off of all Intuos Pro tablets!

Please follow this link to visit the Wacom U.S. eStore and use code Logik10 at checkout to save 10% on all Intuos Pro tablets through the end of 2021!

At this time the discount is for U.S. customers only.


WACOM just emailed me this.

30% off refurb sale


I bought a new Pro Medium a few months ago, but went for the Paper edition as it was $100 cheaper at the time. Exactly the same device but has an extra ‘pencil’ and the clip for using paper which is a clip on part. Must have not been a big seller with the online store I bought from!!

This is perfect! Thanks for posting, John.

I’m still using an old intuos3. I wonder how long it will work :grimacing:. Maybe I should just get a new one.

I think they are making a come back. We find they work the best for our terradici setup.

The best deals on Intuos Pro that I’ve found is via Ebay. Search for “Intuos Pro” and sort by “newly listed”. there’s alway plenty of good deals.

did anyone use a wacom Screen (cintiq) in flame?
I’m curious about it.


I wish I could find some of the old inking pens. I’m afraid mine might give out after 10 years. @andymilkis, any word on that? I would be happy to inquire on my own if I had a contact.

I emailed our contact there. Will let you know if I hear anything back.

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