How do we feel about the newest Wacom tablets

I think I’m ready to take the plunge on a jumbo Intuos Pro, but given all the issues we’ve seen with Wacom+Flame+Mac, I wanted to hear if a) anybody’s tried the newest crop b) and if they liked them or hated them.

Much appreciated!

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That sounds about right.

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I’ve got an intuos5, second-to-latest driver. It’s working well enough but alt-tabbing to the internet and back may cause it to forget pressure sensitivity and mac-side button mappings (in flame and in mac, weirdly). If I stay in Flame it stays sane. Also Shit+T+Insert seems to fix it, even though flame doesn’t announce it’s doing anything when you hit the hotkey command.

I sincerely doubt a intuos pro 6 or whatever will function any different in this regard.

Also I haaaaaate the new “paper like” texture they have on the intuos 6, for whatever that’s worth, hence me owning a 5.


Yeah, I don’t mind the texture. I feel like I’ve had to work with so many different tablets of varying quality that if it doesn’t actually have a layer of dried ketchup and arm sweat, I’m good with it.

However! I found myself missing the gigondo tablets we used to get with infernos, and I think maybe if I set the mapping right I can still work while the cat sleeps on it.


get the cat their own

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I have 2. Love em. The switch that turns off the buttons is nice.

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Until you mentioned the switch I thought you might be talking about cats.

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I’m allergic. Mine are hairless.

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i have an Intuos Pro PTH-860 (no idea which version but its about a year old).
Driver is up to date (6.3.41-2).

Used it on 2 different Macs and various OS iterations, and the problems seems pretty consistent. Mine loses its cursor quite regularly. The cursor will just suddenly vanish from the screen…and the only way to kick it back to life is to flip the pen so the eraser end gets near the tablet.

No updates have fixed it, either from Wacom or Mac OS. I havent a clue what the issue is because my previous wacom also did this.

I always ensure the touch sensitive surface is switched off, and at least the newer model has a physical switch on the side for this. Hate all the side buttons, so they are the first things to get disabled when installing.

Having said all that, i would not want to go back to a mouse, and i havent seen a better option than the wacom.

I would like to know - how have you configured yours? I’ll receive an A4 Intous Pro tomorrow for using on a iMac Pro.

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Am I lucky or ignorant? No problems on 10.15.3-10.15.7 using Wacom 6.3.38-3 on an Intuos Pro PTH-660.

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Ya mean “jumbo” like this?


You could fit SEVERAL cats on that.


WOW is that a Quantel mirage console in the background?

I had issues with my wacom pro a couple of years ago. I was advised to go back a couple of versions on the driver. I did and havent had any problems since. The version I’m running is 6.3.37-2

Might help if you roll back to that version and before you do, uninstall the one you have running now, reboot your computer then install the driver.

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I’m not sure but most likely. This was Caesar Video Graphics NYC 1988. But I seem to remember us having an Encore, not a Mirage.

tried that a few times in the past and it never made any difference…just learned to live with it!