A small loveletter

Hey fellow Flamers, tech-wizards, comp-veterans, node-newbies and everybody else…

This topic isn’t about a question or a trick.
It’s just to say…

Thank you.
Thank you for this community.

I’ve said it before, but I have the urgend feeling, to say it again.
Since I’ve started in this industry - which is equivalent to my start with flame - I had always the feeling to be part of a highly professional, tremendous helpful, unbelivable kind group of human beeings.

I don’t know, if there are any other software related groups of this quality. But I never heard of any.

Especially in times where it’s hard to connect with people and professionals in real life, all of you are doing such an amazing job to teach, train and giving new perspectives for all kind of artists out there.
But even before this awful situation you where the first place to ask questions. To discuss new tools. Always without getting the feeling of beeing a dumbass newbie - Even if this is the case.

A long time ago online in facebook this was already a group where I felt priviliged to be part of.
There’re definetly more people doing much more for this group than I have done. I’m giving my best to earn my membership and I have the deep belief, that everybody is appreceating your hard work.

But it got even better over time.

Thank you Andy for Logik Live.
Thank you Randy for this forum.
Thank you Flame Dev Team to always take your time to discuss the simpliest things.
Thanks to everyone doing his contribuition to this wondeful community.

You guys are one of the reasons, why I’ve never thought of switching my beloved tool.

So… Thank you very much!

Let the flame never erase!


P.s. If this is considered spam - feel free to delete.


I don’t know about the general consensus, but I think this post fits in perfectly with this part of the forums!

Very well articulated, and I couldn’t agree more!


If this is spam then I’ll have another bite!!!

Thanks @ChrisKasten. Seriously. Your post means the world to us and gives us hope that we may be on to something here.

Thanks for showing up, contributing, caring, and sharing.

Right back at ya,


Thanks, Chris. The positive feedback means the word, man. This community of ours would be nothing without people like you who contribute and give back.

Flame on!!

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