I loved the More Practical than you thought post and it made me think we should have an inspiration thread/channel.
Cool spots. Making of videos. You know, inspiration.

I have one that Trillo shared the other day on our slack channel. You might have see it already but mighty cool.


As you wish. Inspiration Category created.

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Say hi to Trillo for me!

I wonder as well…how much a spot celebrating Adobe products was made with Adobe products. Thats a huge spot. Full roto everywhere, tons of matte paintings, loads of characters, particles, some sims…hopefully it was a $750k post budget.


I was wondering that exact same thought!

That’s so good it makes my soul hurt.

Not only did it probably have a huge post budget, they sync licensed the Stones for it. It’s probably a $2M+ spot not counting media. And I agree that the only Adobe stuff in it is probably the hand-animated characters.

Way to showcase produce that says “we care to showcase our product.” Makes me sad for Autodesk’s lack of marketing nous and budget. Makes me nostalgic for the “fix it in post” days innit. Adobe Flame or Blackmagic Flame has a nice ring to it. The developers and Grant are great, but it’s lions led by donkeys as far as care for the framing and faming of Flame goes.


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