A wondering about final cut pro 10?

I just saw that Final Cut Pro 10 now has duplicate detection! Good gosh way too keep up with the time. I just think it’s sad how far the once king has fallen.

I was just musing that my one or two hold outs now no longer use it, and both went to resolve. So hive! Do you know anyone that is working professionally on final cut x anymore? I’m kind of curious.


Not the most intuitive software and not collaberative friendly at all IMO, not sure how people were cutting with it before,… Crazy.

But… none of these movies we made in the last 10 years. And the weirdest part is that the article is from 2022 but states “…in recent years the capabilities of Final Cut Pro have evolved significantly and we are now seeing major Hollywood movies also being edited with this software.” The author then lists ten films, the most recent being 2011. I don’t know anything about the NLE wars really, I just found that funny!

:rofl: :rofl: :crazy_face:

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I wasn’t calling anything out! I hope that didn’t come off as rude! I just started thinking about it and was like “Wait a minute here…” hahaha

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Parasite (2019) was on FCP…FCP 7!..So yeah, not sure anything being professional cut on FCP actually.

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FCP7 going EOL was the reason I switched to Smoke. Tried FCPX and hated it - plus at the time of its release was unfit for a broadcast environment. I know a couple of editors who stuck with it and are really proficient with it, but I think they are in a shrinking group of diehards.


I was still spending a lot of time on the editorial side of things when 10 came out. 7 was capable as hell, 10 couldn’t even make edls. Everyone jumped ship to premiere immediately.

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10 was like the ios-ification of fcp.

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I’ve not seen a list that has FCP x on it, I searched after I saw Amanda’s post. I will say, FCP x is the fast way to get your first cut locked. but it falls hard after that.

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